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Step inside and allow yourself to be charmed by the invigorating aromas, cozy ambiance, and the warmth of our hospitality. Our ice cream parlour serves as a gathering spot where individuals come together to relish in delightful flavors, all while being enveloped by the allure and history of Antwerp.

At PARLION, we hold the belief in upholding traditions while simultaneously pursuing innovation and surprising our customers with distinctive flavor fusions. Here, you’ll not only get a taste of our historical heritage but also a glimpse of a promising, flavorful future.

So, pay us a visit and explore our delectable legacy in the historical core of Antwerp. Indulge in our artisanal ice cream, surrounded by the enchantment of Wijngaardstraat and the breathtaking ancient structures. At PARLION, you’ll embark on an unforgettable culinary voyage, where tradition, flavor, and history harmoniously converge.

Embark on an authentic flavor journey in Antwerp’s captivating historic center. Nestled in the picturesque Wijngaardstraat, we uphold an age-old tradition of indulgence and pleasure, amidst resplendent ancient edifices that whisper the tales of the city’s past.

Within our gelato haven, savor the artistry and ardor infused into every handcrafted icy concoction. Each flavor is thoughtfully curated, and every luscious scoop embodies its own masterpiece. Our connection to this venerable milieu is a source of pride, as we share our heritage of delectable gelato with cherished individuals.

Wijngaardstraat transcends beyond being a mere setting; it’s a quaint canvas where the warmth of history converges with the sugary allure of our gelato. Each sojourn to our parlour doesn’t just tantalize your taste buds with our frozen affection, but also unveils our adoration for this splendid city that fuels our creativity.